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"With a dedicated group of professional's, Team Miss Min has organized their efforts to win the coveted first place trophy in Formula One Air Racing. With the encouragement of our loyal fans and support from our fantastic sponsor's, Team Miss Min is totally focused on our primary goal of winning and we believe 2021 will be our year"


Ly-Con Aircraft Engines
Beringer Aero
Red Rock Reef/Subnet
JP Instruments
FLying M
Balance Masters
B and C
Cee Baileys
MGL Avionics


Starting from the back row, I was unable to get the necessary speed to catch the frontrunners. We finished a disappointing 7th. Fortunately during race week we were able to meet some interesting people that are sincerely interested in helping us go faster. We will be back in 2021. Hope to see you there. Enjoy the video.


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National Championship Air Races

September 13 - 17, 2023 | Reno, NV | airrace.org


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Las Vegas, NV
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